IAREAP and HUMANeX Ventures® are excited to announce their partnership to school districts across Iowa. With your current IAREAP membership your district is eligible to sign on with HUMANeX Ventures® Teacher Styleprofile for an amazing discounted rate for the HUMANeX Ventures® on-line selection tool. Additional discounts are being offered for "stage two" expert selection, which includes selection interview training and certification.

*Note: Schools, districts & AEA's can use HUMANeX Ventures® tools even if they do not belong to IAREAP - members of IAREAP receive this special pricing.

Hire or Select?

Utilizing Expert Tools and Processes

Imagine if you "selected" rather than hired individuals for your organization. When you choose selection over hiring, you choose to bring on board only the individuals with the unique talent, which has been proven to be the most predictive quality of top performers, who will fit into the role, along with the necessary knowledge and skills to meet role and organization demands.

Rather than relying on instinct, unreliable and/or inconsistent methods, or other means that do not rely on rigor and decades of empirical research, the HUMANeX Ventures® "stage one" selection process significantly increases the probability of "selecting one more like your best" by identifying individuals who exemplify the proven life themes of top Teachers and other education professionals. Using an on-line process, applicants respond to a series of 30+ real-life professional scenarios in which they indicate the responses that most accurately represent how they would behave in each situation. Through this process, you can impact your school district in very significant ways by attracting more like your best, retaining the top performers, and avoiding those that will not be top performers from joining your district---the key to building excellence in each classroom, your district, and your community.

For more information and to sign up for the Teacher Styleprofile please contact:
Julie Thielen at HUMANeX Ventures, 402-486-2142 or by email at julie.thielen@humanexventures.com.

For more information and to become a member of IAREAP, please contact:
Dr. Dave Else, 319-269-8429 or by email at daveelse@cfu.net.