Nontraditional 7 - 12 Teacher Preparation in Iowa


Iowa's nontraditional teacher intern programs prepare individuals holding a baccalaureate degree an opportunity to become teachers in secondary (7-12) schools in Iowa. These alternative certification programs provide licensure coursework prior to the internship year, seminars during the internship year, and the possibility of additional coursework at the end of the internship. Intern teachers will be contracted with the district for the internship year and have the same rights and responsibilities as all other contracted probationary teachers within the district. Some programs may substitute student teaching for the internship.


Each intern program listed below has met state standards from both the Iowa Department of Education and the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners and has been approved by the Iowa State Board of Education.


While each program has met the same minimum state standards, each program has unique elements. For further information about each program and licensure, please contact:


Intern Programs:


The Iowa Regents Collaborative (Iowa State University, University of Iowa, University of Northern Iowa):


Kaplan University:
Del Shepard, (877) 218-0021 (option 2),


Maharishi University of Management:
Christopher Jones, (641) 472-1105


Morningside College:
Pete Hathaway, (712) 274-5349




Board of Educational Examiners

Fred Kinne – 515-281-3587

Mary Lou Nosco – 515-725-2146